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Houtong(Cats Village + SanChaoLing Visiting – Rui Ho Cycling Route)+Jiufen 猴硐小鎮單車之旅

RUI-HO CYCLING ROUTE follows a historical railway track to Ho Dong, or “the cats village.”  This route brings you an exceptional cycling experience.  You will see miles of tea pot shaped caves along the riverside on the way to San Chao Ling.  After riding in the morning, we will stay in the cats village for lunch and sightseeing. There are more than 200 cats in this small valley.  After the cycling, we will tour the old streets at Jiou Fen

  • TOUR NO.-D1-1
  • Time:9:00~17:30
  • Distance:18km
  • Degree:★☆☆☆☆
  • Price :NT$3100
    Pick-up service at Hotel(Taipei downtown)
    Bicycle rental
    Cycling guide
    Bottle water
    Tickets for entrance
  • Minimum 2 pax

  • 7:30~8:45 pick up at Hotel(Taipei downtown) or meet point
  • 9:30 arrive~12:30 bikewayThe cycling starts from the visitor center of Ho Dong coal mine Park.  First, we will ride through a reconstructed railway tunnel towards Ho Dong railway station.  Then, we will continue our journey to San Chao Ling.  On the way to San Chao Ling, we will see those tea-pot shaped caves as well as herds of white egret standing by the riverside.  During this journey, you will also notice the sounds of birds singing and incents chirping along with the train whistling from a far distance.  After 3KM of riding, we will arrive near a railroad tunnel at San Chao Ling.  Here we will rest and take photos of the beautiful scenery of a color painted train coming from the tunnelAfter a nice rest, we will bike back to Ho Dong Railway station to complete the remainder of our ride.  During this time, we might spot a train traveling along our way. If a traveling train happens to pass by our way, we can stop to take pictures with the train passing by. During this part of the route, we will bike through 3 tunnels that were reconstructed from aged railway tunnels. After arriving at the Ho Dong railway station, we will take a lunch break. The food vendors here offer authentic Taiwanese rice noodle dishes
  • ~13:30 lunch
    Taiwan’s traditional noodles can enjoy youselves
  • ~14:30 cat village
    After the lunch break, we will drink coffee or tea in a coffee shop nearby. From here you can take pictures with cats or walk on a trail to the Sky Bridge, where you can sneak a glimpse of the secret lives of cats. The Sky Bridge is designed for cats to walk to the other side of the cats village. You can see cats lying, sitting and even sun bathing throughout the area
  • 15:00 Jiufen
    After we complete our cycling, we will take you to tour the old streets of Jiou Fen. You can walk around the old streets, shop for souvenirs, or eat local delicacies. We plan to stay at Jiou Fen for about 1-1.5 hours, depending on how much time we have remaining. Afterwards, we will head back to your hotels
  • 16:30 back to Hotel
  • remark
    * Time subject to practical arrangements
    * Please wear casual sportswear suit
    *Sun protection will be needed & Drinking more water during the cycling
    *Please advise your height in advance for the suitable bike arrangementbooknow

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