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PingLin Tea Industry Museum & Daiyujue River Cycling path &Jingualiao Fishes Watching Cycling Path 坪林溪畔自行車道

Pinglin Tea Industry Museum — Daiyujue Riverside Cycling Trail — Jingualiao Fish Watching Cycling Trail — Jingualiao Tea Eco-village (Return back to the starting point)

 Starting from Pinglin Tea Industry Museum, we will ride alongside the Daiyujue & Guanyu Rivers, where you can find rich vegetation and schools of fish. The Valley holds a natural forest spa ambience with scenic views of green mountains, pure water and mesmerizing forest scenery

  • TOUR NO.-D1-3
  • Time:8:00~17:30
  • Distance:30km
  • Degree:★★☆☆☆
  • Price :NT$3300
    Pick-up service at Hotel(Taipei downtown)
    Bicycle rental
    Cycling guide
    Bottle water
    Tickets for entrance
  • Minimum 2 pax

  • 7:30~8:30 pick up at Hotel(Taipei downtown) or meet point
  • 09:30~12:30 Pinglin Tea industry Museum riverside railway
    We will pick you up  between 9-9:30 am. After an hour car ride, we will arrive at the tour’s starting spot (Pinglin Tea Industry Museum parking space). First, we will ride alongside the Daiyujue River where you can see lots of fish and flocks of birds. During our ride through the valley, you can enjoy the scenic green mountains, pure water and mesmerizing forest scenery. We will also ride across a glass made bridge, where you can observe fish just under your feet. It is such an amazing experience that you do not want to miss! As we continue riding alongside the river, you will see a tea field next to the cycling trail. You can also see tea farmers collecting tea leaves in the field for tea factories. After riding for some time, we will arrive at our destination—Jingualiao Tea Eco-Village. We will take a short break here before heading back to Pinglin Tea Industry Museum for lunch.
  • 12:45~14:00 lunch
    This lunch is a special made “tea-flavored” lunch—most of its components are infused with tea flavors from tea locally grown. After lunch, we will visit the Pinglin Tea Industry Museum where we can learn more about the various kinds of tea and manufacturing process. The museum also provides us with a tea tasting opportunity. Depending on the time, we may ride another riverside cycling trail—BeiShiu Riverside Cycling trail. This trail was built on the river and tea fields
  • 14:30~16:30 BeiShiu Riverside cycling path Crocodile Island
    Finally, we will conclude our tour with the scenery of Crocodile Islan
  • 16:30~17:30 back to Hotel
  • remark
    * Time subject to practical arrangements
    * Please wear casual sportswear suit
    *Sun protection will be needed & Drinking more water during the cycling
    *Please advise your height in advance for the suitable bike arrangementbooknow


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