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Taipei City Bike Tour(Taipei B.M.W.) 台北市單車之旅

Tour Introduction:
Chiang Kai-she memorial hall(Guard changing) → Presidential palace →riverside cycling Trail →Dadaucheng wharf & old street→riverside cycling Trail → Linantai historical house→riverside cycling Trail→(by MRT)→ Beitou (Thermal valley、Hot Spring museum、Beitou library、Ketagalan Culture Center……)→FINISH

  • TOUR NO.:D1-6
  • Time:8:30~17:30
  • Distance:30km
  • Degree:★☆☆☆☆
  • Price :NT$1600/p.p
    Bicycle rental
    Cycling guide
    Bottle water
    Tickets for entrance
  • Minimum 2 pax

  • 8:30 Meet point: Metro(Green or Red line)Chiang Kai-she memorial hall No.5
  • 08:45~09:15 C.K.S. Memorial Hall & Guard changing
  • 09:40 Presidential palace
  • 11:30~13:00Dadaucheng wharf & old street(lunch)
  • 14:00~Linantai historical house
  • 15:30~17:30 Beitou (Thermal valley、Hot Spring museum、Beitou library、Ketagalan Culture Center……)
  • 17:30~ back to Hotel
  • remark
    * The timetable is based on actual activity
    * Please wear casual sportswear suit
    *Sun protection will be needed & Drinking more water during the cyclingbooknowtaipei bike tour-1taipei bike tour-2taipei bike tour-3taipei bike tour-4taipei bike tour-5taipei bike tour-6Taipei City Biking Tour – B.M.W (Multidimensional experience by Biking/MRT/Walking)
    By Biking : Chiang Kai She Memorial Hall – Presidential Palace – Dadaucheng
    wharf – Linnantai Historical house
    Chiang Kai She Memorial Hall
    We will lead you to experience the quintessence of Taipei by Biking/MRT/walking in this tour. The beginning will from Chiang Kai She Memorial Hall. Watching the guards changing is the most you need to do here.And the memorial hall also have lots of secret code in the building n. Let’s go to declassify together.
    Presidential Palace
    Before becoming the Presidential Office Building of the Republic of China, the building was formerly the Office of the Governor¬General during the Japanese colonial period, and has thus played a significant role as the center of political power for close to a century, not just during the Japanese period, but also since Taiwan’s retrocession to the Republic of China. In 1946.The building belong to” late-Renaissance style”,we will guide you to find the beauties from different directions.
    Dadaucheng Wharf & Old street(Lunch)
    The most important goods trading wharf during the late time of Qing Dynasty.There were gathering with lots of businessmen and their families in this area.You will find lots of old styles living here.You also can enjoy lots of Taiwanese traditional foods as your lunch.
    Linantai Historical House
    About 200 years ago, Lin An Tai Historical House was built in the orientation toward southwest at an auspicious location in terms of good Feng Shui. It was a very refined 2-partitioned and 5-annex old house with a square. The house had named the house as “An Tai”, which represented Anxi County and Rong Tai Company. It has been one of the oldest houses existed in Taipei now. You will detect lots of secrets of Taiwanese architecture from this old house.

    By MRT:Jiantan Station- Mew Beitou Station
    Beitou Area

    By Walking:Thermal Valley- Beitou Hot Spring Museum – Beitou Library – Ketagalan Culture Center
    Thermal Valley
    The hot spring that flows from the valley is sulphurous and highly erosive. It is the so-called “green sulfur.” Its spring water is clear and a little green as a green jade, so that it is also known as “the Jade Spring Valley.” We will take a walk from New Beiitou MRT Station.It’s about 15 minutes walking with uphill.

    Beitou hot spring Museum
    Its original name was “Beitou Public Bathhouse” built in 1913 with same style of bathhouse at Izushan in Japan. It was constructed with combination of English and Japanese styles. The materials used were bricks, woods, black tiles, etc. Visitors are requested to put on museum slippers when they enter. They can enjoy the relaxing feeling by imaging the elegant and classic taste created by Roman style bath pool and its big tatami hall. You can image how comfortable that Japanese whom took a bath here.
    Beitou Library
    Built in different way with traditional construction, Beitou Library was designed as a “Green Building Library.”It is not constructed by steels and cements. It is a big tree house in the park. You can enjoy viewing mountainous scenery and relaxing breeze while they are reading.
    Ketagalan Culture Center
    It had nurtured more than 12 different Taiwan aboriginal:Atayal, Saisiyat, Thao, Bunun, Tsou, Rukai, Paiwan, Puyuma, Tao, Amis, Kavalan, Truku .And there are numerous other indigenous people groups, who had followed the guidance and admonition of the ancestors, and had con-existed on this land for many thousands of years. You can get a lots of realization about Taiwan aboriginal

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